Upcoming and past events

NJEC Horse Show Series

The NJEC show series is NJPHA rated and includes both english and western classes and runs throughout the year.


NJEC Circuit Series

From 8 AM - 4 PM
The NJEC Circuit Show Series is NJPHA, NJHSA, and Marshall & Sterling rated running throughout the year.

  • JAN 13, 2019
  • FEB 3, 2019
  • APR 7, 2019
  • OCT 20, 2019
  • NOV 18, 2019

Stella Showcase

Once a year Stella Therapy Riding puts on a Stella Showcase. Giving their riders the opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learned throughout the year and the skills that they excel at and continue to develop in a show-like atmosphere. All family, friends, and volunteers are welcome to attend and cheer on all participants. Each rider is evaluated by a special guest judge and presented an award for the best demonstrated skill.

  • May 31, 2019

Past Events

Halloween Party & Costume Contest

From 6 PM - 8:30 PM, NJEC is hosting our annual Halloween Parade.

  • Oct 24, 2018

This training facility has been amazing an integral part of my daughters success. From the trainer (Danielle Holl) whom has taken her from a beginner rider to becoming a champion at several shows and show series both within NJEC and outside of NJEC.

Angelo – Student