Stella Therapy Riding


Stella Therapy Riding is a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation. The benefits of therapeutic riding have been recognized for many years. It is a proven method of increasing the physical, mental, emotional and developmental capabilities for individuals with disabilities, functional limitations or medical issues. There is a healing interaction between horses, riders and the people who help them.

In addition to riding, Stella Riding students are involved with many

aspects of horse care, from grooming and bathing to tacking up before a lesson and untacking when the lesson is finished. The bond between the horse and student begins, literally, from the ground up

Stella Therapy Riding runs out of the North Jersey Equestrian Center. We have several instructors and many volunteers who assist our students and make sure that their riding experience is positive, educational, and fun. Currently students in the program range in age from five to 62 years old. While many are on the autism spectrum, we also work with students with Cerebral Palsy, AD/HD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Down’s Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury, to name a few.
The program uses a variety of horses that are specifically matched up with the students based on their size, abilities, and personalities.

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