Horse Boarding in New Jersey at NJEC | Q&A With the staff

Here’s a look at what it’s like to board your horse at North Jersey Equestrian Center (NJEC), in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

What’s the cost of Horse Boarding in New Jersey at NJEC?

At NJEC, it’s $1,095 per month for boarding. Lessons and training are extra.
At our affiliate, Karl Bauer Training Center, monthly boarding is $690. You might be able to board your horse in NJ for less, but here, it’s a great experience of the highest quality with true experts. --- you get what you pay for.

How can I be sure that my horse is in good hands?

Our hands-on professional staff and our state-of-the-art facility will allow for the safety and comfort of the equine and owner.

Everyone that works here is an expert. We do what it takes to get the job done right. We’ll stay after hours to ensure that all horses are comfortable and all stalls are clean before locking up for the night

How often do the horses get turned out?

Seven days a week, weather permitting. It depends on the horse too. Some horses don’t like the cold, the heat, or bugs, so we take that into account. As long as the weather’s nice, they’ll go out every day. We have a morning shift and an afternoon shift.

Who oversees everything?

The owner and the staff members at NJEC. All of the trainers here have at least 10 years of experience in riding and teaching.

Do you offer training along with boarding services?

Yes, we offer various packages of training both horse and rider.

People who board with us usually show, or they compete in some way. And most people won’t do that without a trainer.

So most of our clients pick from a menu of different training packages. We’ll exercise their horse, lunge them, ride them, and prepare them for competition.

Our trainers are knowledgeable, flexible, and ready to ride.

Meet the staff

What riding disciplines do you offer?

We have several trainers on staff specializing in Western, English, Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage of all levels.

Can I come in and ride whenever I want?

Our facility has set operational hours: 8am to 8pm. Unlike most barns, we are open seven days a week. Some of our boarders come in and ride in the morning before they commute to work.

Is there storage for supplies?

Yes, we have various tack rooms throughout the facility. We have saddle racks and our boarders can put in a tack trunk if they want. Each person gets their own space and can lock it every night. It’s a very short walk from the tack room to any other areas of the barn.

What are your feeding protocols?

Horses get fed three times a day including hay, grain, and unlimited water.

Can you handle supplements and medications?

Absolutely. If you have a horse that’s on any supplements, medications, or prescriptions by a vet, we’ll organize everything and make sure that it’s ready to go.

What are your emergency protocols?

In the event of a horse emergency, we observe the situation, take precautions to comfort the equine, call the owner, and if necessary, offer transportation to a clinic. But 90% of the time through either staff or a 24/7 veterinarian we can handle emergencies that come up. Usually it’s never that severe.

What’s the layout of the barn?

New Jersey's largest climate controlled indoor arena of 135x300 is in the center of the facility with 103 matted 12x12 stalls around the perimeter. We also keep the disciplines together, so everyone gets to ride with people that do the same discipline.

What are your vaccination policies?

We offer spring and fall vaccinations, worming, and dentistry, as well as yearly Coggins. All horses here are vaccinated. We require that with every horse.

How often do the people who board horses at NJEC come and visit?

It really depends on their schedule. But some of our clients come out every day.

How many horses do you have at NJEC?

The amount of horses here at our facility can fluctuate, but we have 103 stalls.

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