Horseback Riding Lessons in New Jersey

Interested in taking horseback riding lessons with us? Here’s some information to get you started.

How much do lessons cost?

Our prices start at $65 per half hour. If you own your own horse and board at our stable, it’s $60 per half hour. We also offer packages at discounted rates. Call for details.

What is the scheduling availability for lessons?

Availability is determined by trainer and standing lessons. Standing lessons have priority over call-ins. Many riders choose to arrange for standing lessons after trying different trainers.

Can I choose a specific trainer?

Yes. We are happy to do our best to accommodate your request.

Horsemanship 101

Newly offering horsemanship 101, an hour long experience for $100, which includes learning about grooming, tacking, a 1/2 hour ride and post ride care. Excellent for all people interested in learning and growing with horses.

Do you do “horse introductions” and/or introductory lessons?

Yes. We offer introductory lessons and try our best to accommodate each rider’s needs whenever possible. If you’re interested, we can also schedule a hands-on interaction between horse and rider.

Do you have a summer program and when is it?

We have a summer program designed for riders age six and up. Beginning on July 1, 2024, it runs through August 30th. Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm.

The program includes:

  • Riding
  • Learning about feeding, grooming, and general care
  • Learning about horses and much more

Each participant will need to bring:

  • Boots with a heel
  • Riding helmet
  • Lunch

The cost of the program is:

  • $600/week if you use your own horse
  • $650/week if you use one of our horses

Our trainers are knowledgeable, flexible, and ready to ride.

Meet the staff

I’m a total beginner. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Our lessons range from introductory to advanced. We have beginners of all ages from 5 to 85 as long as you are physically and mentally capable.

I’m an intermediate jumper looking for lessons. I’m comfortable jumping 3 to 4 feet. Can you help me?

We would love to. We have several trainers that can provide advanced training and lessons. Our arena allows for plenty of space and we have a variety of jumps available based on your skillset. We also hold regular events here for you to take part in.

I’m an advanced Western Rider, can you help me?

Karl Bauer, owner of NJEC, is a national director for the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). Some of our trainers and their students can show at the world national levels at AQHA competitions.

Do you have helmets and equipment for kids?

Yes. We have helmets available for enthusiasts that want to try riding for the first time. For safety reasons, we prefer a shoe with a heel. If you don’t have britches you can wear jeans.

Do I have to have my own horse to take a lesson?

No. You can either bring your horse or borrow one of ours.

What does a typical lesson look like?

This will depend on your discipline and level of riding experience. We tailor our lessons to the experience and riding discipline so each rider gets the most out of each session.

Can I schedule a group trip?

Yes, we offer group tours and lessons for scout groups, school field trips, companies, and other organizations. Some organizations come to us for team building exercises.

Group lessons are also available. We ask that you first take an individual lesson so we know where to place you. After an evaluation lesson, we can place you with peers of your skill level.

Have additional questions not answered here?
Please give us a call at (973) 839-0077 and we’ll be happy to address your horseback riding lesson questions.